Hanging your images….part 1 – Calgary family, maternity, newborn photographer

Spending time in Kelowna is something that my family and I have been doing every single summer since I was a baby….now my girls are even asking how many sleeps until we go to the beach!  As we count down the days until summer comes around again…which can’t come soon enough in my opinion…I have been itching to get some images up on our walls taken of the kiddos during our last time in the Okanagan.

Now, I knew which images I wanted to use, but had to figure out what sizes would look best up on display…I thought I would share my tricks to help do just that! All you need is a measuring tape, some of your kid’s large craft paper and a marker…the washable version only in our house as my kids like to express their creativity not only on paper!  It also helps to have one kiddo napping and the other more than willing to help out with the measuring and paper cutting! I would say this was her first time with scissors…but a do it yourself haircut last week got her ready for this project!

Variety looks best when grouping your favourite images together…not only of the images themselves, but also in their sizes and shapes. I wanted to have a casual but visually interesting group of canvases for these images and chose a wall that not only we see, but anyone coming over will see as soon as they come inside.  Here are some simple steps to get the job done!

1 – Choose a wall!  Decide where you want your images to be…and don’t be afraid to pick somewhere other than over a couch or on your mantel.  There is a wall at our front entry way that is screaming for some artwork…so that wall it is!

2 – Think about what medium you want to use.  There are a few different ways to print your images, but I really wanted to go with canvas for this wall. I love how canvas works in any space!

3 – Choose your images.  Now this can be tough, especially when choosing from images of your kiddos!  I had a favorite image from our holidays that I knew I wanted to use..and the other 2 I chose just seemed to flow with it.  Never hesitate to ask me for a hand in picking what images to put up…

4 – Now…get out that craft paper from your kid’s art easel, grab your other tools and measure out a size you think may work for your wall. Don’t be afraid to go bigger than you would first think. Here is a photo of what an 11×14 would look like on the wall I chose to use….a little small wouldn’t you agree?

5 – I decided to start with 20×24 for my main image, and from the other 2 images I chose, knew that one as a smaller square and another as a rectangle would work best. I ended up with a 12×12 and 11×14 for those so that there would a focal point in the grouping with the largest size. So here you can see with the 3 sizes my little helper and I measured and cut out, they work quite well together…but not quite there yet…

6 – Back to the drawing board!  I went one size up with all three images as I felt like this wasn’t quite right yet.  So off we went to measure and cut once more. Next up…24×30 as the main image, 14×14 for the square and 12×18 for the vertical rectangle. Yes…much better!

6 – Now this is where I come in to help further….chose your images from your session with me, and I can then make up a layout for you using your chosen images so you can see exactly how they will look together…here are the images I chose with the final sizes together in a grouping…I cannot wait to get these up on my wall!

This is the perfect way to get an idea of what your final product will look like up on wall! I also suggest living with it for a day or two to make sure you are happy with the sizing…

Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for the next segment when I get the images ordered and up on display!

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